We think and consider things carefully. We develop strategies, brands and partnerships; create integrated campaigns, design for print, for the web, for exhibitions and we develop sales environments and innovative installations. We work and collaborate with film-makers, photographers, artists and illustrators – above all else, every client truly matters and every brief a special opportunity.


Our Work

Our approach is to consider each brief without pre-conception; to consistently strive to add real value through strong foundations, fresh thought, compelling ideas and media, robust technology and an overarching commitment to excellence.



For Orion Capital Partners

A remarkable sculptural residential tower designed by Ben van Berkel’s UNStudio in Amsterdam that overlooks Islington, Shoreditch, Clerkenwell and the City. Socrates were responsible for naming and branding of the building alongside all the related marketing collateral, films, on-site dressing and advertising associated with the project.

Deliverables: Branding, literature, website, films, hoarding, marketing suite, advertising, digital marketing, direct mail, interactive media and events and partnerships

Website: www.canalettolondon.com

Chiswick Park

Chiswick Park

For Blackstone Group

Socrates were appointed to adjust the positioning of Chiswick Park in order to balance the emotional with the rational arguments for locating at this world-class headquarters business campus. The brief has extended through brand and printed collateral to extensive digital activity, on-site presentation suites, events and film.

Deliverables: Branding, literature, websites, digital marketing, events, marketing suite, presentations, advertising, direct mail, merchandising

Website: www.enjoy-work.com

Residential at King’s Cross

Residential at King’s Cross

For King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership

Socrates have been closely involved in developing naming, branding and holistic marketing strategy and positioning related to the first residential buildings at King’s Cross. This has included ArtHouse, Tapestry, The Plimsoll Building and Gasholders and the related literature, advertising, digital and exhibition collateral.

Deliverables: Branding, literature, websites, digital marketing, advertising, exhibitions, events, packaging, interactive presentations

Retail at Kings Cross

Retail at Kings Cross

For King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership

Socrates were appointed to develop an interim brand and related visual language for the retail elements of the 67 acre King’s Cross neighbourhood. This extended to a significant commission to wrap the German Gymnasium at the entrance to the area during refurbishment and installations within the recently completed shop units on King’s Boulevard.

Deliverables: Branding, literature, window displays, building wraps, hoarding



For London Executive Offices

Socrates developed the brand and visual language for a substantial serviced office group delivering some of the finest facilities in prime central London. Alongside multiple applications and guidelines, Socrates has been involved in the production and direction of a library of images that underpin the Leo’s positioning as best in class.

Deliverables: Branding, art direction, literature, website, advertising

Website: leo.co.uk

Yachting and QLDG

Yachting and QLDG

SocratesQ embraces the work of QLDG that has specialised in the yacht and superyacht market over the last 14 years. Formerly based in Nice, the team has been involved in the branding or literature of many manufacturers, designers and brokers alongside numerous individual yachts. This has extended to the supply of diverse branded products and bespoke merchandising.

Deliverables: Branding, brand guidelines, literature, advertising, websites, merchandising, event branding and collateral, and catalogues



Socrates has long been involved in the branding and marketing of luxury real estate, we have now established SocratesQ which brings the specialist knowledge of yachts, superyachts and marinas of previously Nice based QLDG alongside the existing branding, media and partnership expertise of Socrates.



For Argent LLP

Socrates created a brand, alongside extensive printed literature, advertising and exhibition collateral for the amazing Gasholders residential being built within a refurbished triplet of Grade II listed, cast-iron gasholder guide frames at the heart of King’s Cross. With architecture by Wilkinson Eyre and landscape by Dan Pearson Studio, the brand, palette and accompanying visual language has been heavily informed by the 19th century architecture of the guide frames and their detailing, alongside the circularity and complexity of shapes involved.

Deliverables: Branding, literature, films, hoarding, marketing suite, advertising, digital marketing, interactive media and events and partnerships



Our People

Our work is about people; work researched, considered, inspired, created, developed and delivered by people for people. We believe in teams, in experience; in unfettered talent, commitment and sheer bloody-minded hard work.


Married to a cavalier King Charles spaniel, engaged to Ms Chanel and Signor Ferragamo and dating a variety of Middle Eastern food. Apparently utterly devoid of any culture whatsoever.

Digital Programmer

Is oddly obsessed by the Memphis Belle, Spirit of St Louis and the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance. Equally partial to intelligent Greeks, whilst utterly revolted by Amanita muscaria and all their friends. Fair enough.

Olly Dadak

Would frankly prefer to be in Provence or spoiling a walk. Has always been slightly Afraid of Virginia Woolf and is particularly attracted to regressive jazz and lumbar support. Likes beef.

Head of Media and Partnerships

Hates cooking and camping, adores old glass, dense textural fabrics and laughs a lot. Profoundly passionate about architecture, lighting and Steinbeck. Happiest when walking up ridiculously steep hills, needs help.

Victoria Oliver

Adores extreme weather, Oscar Neimayer, rollercoasters and eggs benedict. Would generally prefer to be Enid Blyton shopping in New York in a thunderstorm. Does not like milk but does like Richard Netura.

Production and Studio Management

Unhealthy attachment to sport and dogs. A lover of food and will travel to keep his tongue smiling. Dismal but enthusiastic musician who adores jazz. Wears anorak when discussing technology.

Mark Scott
Director - Head of Design

Addicted to fine coffee, liquorice and excellent red wine. Sadly invented font charades, adores maps and swims deeply with plankton. Likes the word mellifluous and photographs manhole covers. Mmmm.

Senior Artworker

Hopelessly devoted to the visionary artist Austin Osman Spare whilst collecting Japanese woodblock prints and ex-libris plates. Devoted to tchotchkes, which he wraps lovingly in swathes of cod-liver oil imbued calico. Interesting guy.

Account Manager: Digital

Would happily expire to the Garden State film soundtrack, whilst reading for the twenty-seventh time the Chronicles of Narnia. Equally odd about any British films and David Attenborough. Likes fashion.


Utterly devoted to hip-hop and saucepans, any high maintenance quadruped named Gigi and barking people singing along to their music in public. Equally hates brunch and anyone needing to ceaselessly share their riveting lives on social media.


Has a indelicate love of Charleston’s Shepard Fairey, the blues and a variety of trainers. Allegedly cooks well and draws. Is emotionally allergic to tea of every description including hand-rolled from the Himalayas


Embarrassingly passionate about flea markets, jellyfish and ballet; reads Patti Smith and listens to Vanoni whilst eating her mother. Loathes cockroaches and flying. Canadian…….

Accounts Administrator

Adores cycling and hiking boots for some odd reason and reads everything voraciously. Reassuringly hates black pudding and consequently never knowingly walks to Ramsbottom. Mmmm.

Director - Socrates Q

Passionate about architecture; deeply excited by food and even creating it; rather partial to travel. However, a profound and intense hatred of incompetent grammar and the microwave.

Account Manager

Profoundly partial to everything sweet, banknotes from around the globe and abusing perfectly innocent canvas with paint. Loathes lizards, however well dressed, incessant sunshine and running out of trifle on Monday. Mildly odd.

Account Manager

Adores Dutch and Flemish Renaissance paintings of pre-cut fruit and, worryingly, Grease; whilst happy to incinerate clowns, Calpol and anything purple. Mildly concerning.

Head of Production

Passionate about red wine and old roses. Unfortunately reads Nordic fiction accompanied by Chopin or Jovi. Reassuringly walks in forests and dances normally. Remains depressed to have neither dog or cat.

Account Manager

Passionate about power of Pachamama and tumbling down a squirrelly vortex of design, fashion and film, preferably Hispanic. Allergic to the ridiculous avocado, mashed, sliced or baked, dark grey skies and the delights of queuing. Complicated…

Account Manager

Remains strongly attached to the Wizard of Oz, 2B pencils, beach yoga, oil paint and salsa. Adores Nordic ceramics and galleries on Sundays and would happily sell soul for twenty illustrations by Kristjana S Williams.

Senior Designer

A profound and positive relationship with red wine, the Lake District and baking bread, alongside the unfettered joy of old ladies roaring with laughter. An equally profound but negative relationship with elevators and salad spinners.

Account Manager: Digital

Is fairly bizarre on her passion for geometrical design structures and empties rooms on the subject of smouldering electronica. Adores 80s fashion. Mmmm. Loathes waiting, frankly.


Completely besotted with food of every kind; utterly obsessed by hand-made paper and exotic envelopes whilst allergic to cricket, raw tomatoes and people who don’t fold their clothes. Tricky.

Andrew Derrick
Creative Director

Obsessive, compulsive collector and bibliomaniac. With equal fondness for photography, Inuit sculpture, masks and tupilaks. Remains horrified that he turned down a sitting with Horst. Dislikes tupperware.

Accounts Manager

Passionate about puzzles and slightly bewitched by the time of ten twenty-two; also likes learning languages and foreign adventures  He is not enamoured by planes that get lost, sunrise or English drizzle. Slightly odd.

Account Executive: Digital

Barking mad about all dogs and the mountains; she wants to marry a snowman who drinks Gordons with ice; loathes insects in a terrible hurry, rising and shining unnecessarily on Sunday and any Christmas that starts in summer.

Account Executive

Very partial to enthusiastic rollerskating and hosting dinner parties whilst simultaneously painting well considered masterpieces. However, an utter loathing of Jack Frost, the idiocy of running and grossly stupid people. Tricky….

Account Manager

Predominantly utterly consumed by hip-hop, jazz, soul and drum & bass. All followed uncomfortably closely by photography, travel and a bankrupting obsession with trainers. Odd.

Account Executive

Has a penchance for excessively strong French cheese and dogs with firsts in modern languages. Less passionate about weak coffee, indecisive dawdlers and spending anytime at all in Morden.

AREA Property Parners
Canary Wharf Group
King's Cross
Orion Capital Managers
Caroline Baker London
Pacific Investments
Berry Bros & Rudd
Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work
London & Metropolitan
PMB Holdings
Frasers Property
Manhattan Loft Corporation
Gardiners & Theobald

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